Animating with SVG

Presented at wellington.js in February 2021. A basic introduction to SVG, SMIL, and Anime.js.


Vues from the Server

My first conference talk, presented at nz.js(con); in March 2017. I walk through Vue, Nuxt, Vuex and a tiny bit of, and roughly try to explain the benefits of using these tools to build highly responsive and interactive web apps along the way.



A talk presented at the June 2016 SilverStripe Wellington Meet-up. The easiest path to getting Vue up and running with DataObjects from SilverStripe was covered, along with some notes about additional Vue libraries that can make the development experience even better.


Forums: A Love Story

My first public talk, presented at the New Zealand PHPConf pre-conference meet-up in 2015. I spoke briefly about how using, customising and eventually creating forum software taught me all the basic concepts required to get started with Web Development.

Video / Slides

Scaling and Debugging Laravel-based Applications

Presented internally at SilverStripe, this was my first talk ever! I covered some useful information for improving the performance and reliability of Laravel apps in production.