July 12

Sango Station in Nara Prefecture, late at night

recently attended my first proper お祭り (festival) in a small town between Osaka and Nara. didn’t capture many photos and won’t be sharing them online - cameras weren’t really allowed - but it was a super fun and memorable experience.

as previously alluded to, the weather is killer here at the moment - literally. definitely anticipate retreating to New Zealand around this time in future years if I stick around.

June 29

A random park in Osaka

it’s rainy season now, so it’s generally hot, humid, and wet; this particular day was only humid, so I took the opportunity to leave the house and explore some of the western side of Osaka.

June 1

Reflection of a sunset and buildings in the distance on a lake in Nara

going live again for a while to check out Nara

Lake in Nara City

made it! thanks to peeps for stopping by the stream, here’s hoping the turtle is safe 🙏

May 31

May 29

it’s been a while since I last tried livestreaming a ride, so if the weather holds out I’ll be doing one this Saturday (June 1), starting around 8AM JST / 11AM NZT. hope to see a few familiar names in chat!

May 27

Dotonbori strip at like 5am on a Sunday morning

language exchange on Saturday arvo turned into staying up late enough to see the sunrise for the first time in my thirties.

May 25

a fried crab. about to be eaten.