April 13

Giant Torii gate at Kumano Hongu Taisha

day 3 of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage: rest and recovery. back on the track tomorrow.

April 12

36066steps walked today

Signpost signifying the 75th and final mark on one of the Kumano Kodo tracks

day 2 donezo. ~25km in ~7 hours. was worried about making it in time for my bus, but ended up here 2 hours early 🫠

April 11

The 26th signpost on the Kumano Kodo trail, indicating a travel distance of approximately 13 kilometres

day one done. ~13km walked over around 6-7 hours. highest peak at around 680m. knee holding up okay so far.

23909steps walked today

Start of the Kumano Kodo trail


April 10

today we’re ditching the bike and taking a train down to Tanabe in the Wakayama prefecture (significantly south of Wakayama City, which I visited a couple of weeks back.) this marks the beginning of a week-long pilgrimage called Kumano Kodo.

slightly nervous, but mostly pumped. watch this space.

hot Japan travel tip: there are trains with only reserved seating (meaning you’re supposed to buy a ticket prior) that aren’t Shinkansen and don’t have additional gates, so you can get on them without realising! they’re rare, generally only on lines running between regions, but keep an eye/ear out.

Close up of sakura tree in Nagai Park, at night (except it looks like daytime due to excessive camera processing)

my phone sometimes tries too hard to capture light, and night time pics become… weird.

Sakura tree in Nagai Park at night time

in my defence, they bloomed hella late, I just started a new job (🍻) and the weather has been a bit all over the place. this shot is defo a highlight tho.