June 1

Reflection of a sunset and buildings in the distance on a lake in Nara

going live again for a while to check out Nara

Lake in Nara City

made it! thanks to peeps for stopping by the stream, here’s hoping the turtle is safe 🙏

May 31

May 29

it’s been a while since I last tried livestreaming a ride, so if the weather holds out I’ll be doing one this Saturday (June 1), starting around 8AM JST / 11AM NZT. hope to see a few familiar names in chat!

May 27

Dotonbori strip at like 5am on a Sunday morning

language exchange on Saturday arvo turned into staying up late enough to see the sunrise for the first time in my thirties.

May 25

a fried crab. about to be eaten.

May 14

view of the crowd and stage at a concert in Osaka

creepy nuts, live. another thing I really appreciate about concerts here is that no one has their phone out during the event. people actually just experience the dang thing.

May 8

Overlooking the crowd prior to the start of an Atarashii Gakko concert at Zepp Bayside in Osaka

first live concert in 🇯🇵. leaning bars were installed between rows, and people went nuts but were also super respectful of each others’ space. a perfect 5/7.